Apple iOS

By | July 23, 2018

Apple iPhone Operating System/ Apple iOS

Apple iOS

Apple iOS is a mobile operating system which was introduced by Apple Inc. for their very respective mobile devices. Originally, it was stood for Apple iPhone Operating System. But eventually, they changed its name for unveiling OS to Apple’s sibling devices. Actually, this is the most popular mobile operating system after the world’s number one Android operating system. Currently iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch are performing with Apple iOS. The iOS was originally released in 2007 with the first ever Smartphone of the Apple company. And later it was unveiled to the iPod Touch in September 2007. Then the iPad in early 2010 and also into the Apple TV.

The iOS interface is very interesting one and it is completely based on direct handling with multi-touch functionality. The device controlling methods contain sliders, switches and buttons too. Swipe, Tap, Pinch and Reverse Pinch are the major gestures of interactions on the Apple iOS devices.

As the first quarter of the year 2018, there are more than 2 million iOS applications on Apple’s App Store. Those apps have already downloaded more than 130 billion times for different Apple devices.

iOS Updates

Apple iOS

The Apple has several versions since it was originally released back in 2007 alongside with the first-ever Apple iOS Smartphone. Since the first release of Apple iOS, they have annually released and updated to several newer versions of the operating system. These every single update of iOS have brought a spectacular look and specific features to iDevices. The latest update was the iOS 12 in 4th of June. But still, it is a beta version. And the original version of iOS 12 will release in later 2018 with the Brand new iPhone model.

Generally, iOS updates are releasing via iTunes. But when they releasing the iOS 05 back in 2011, they introduced a new method for the activation process of the iOS in iDevices. They revealed a new method for the data installation by using a wireless and automatically system. It is using the iCloud service which is own by Apple instead of using the old-fashioned method of connecting through the USB.

Typically Apple announced their major releases annually while the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. And release the original version concurrent with releasing the new iPhone model in September of the same year.

iOS features

Apple iOS is a very specific operating system because of its efficient features. There are very specific functionalities on every single particular feature that provides by the Operating System. So Apple devices are high performing and specific device than other the devices thanks to this great operating system.

iOS Apps Store

Apple iOS

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Basically, Apple iOS Apps Store is the main platform to download applications for major mobile Apple devices. The Apps Store is available for iPhones, iPod Touch and iPad Tablets. And also some iOS Apps can exchange with Apple Watches and 4th generation or later Apple TVs with the iPhone Apps.

The Apps Store originally went live back in 2008 with 500 applications. But when we come to 2018, it has over 2 million apps on the Apps Store with 20 million developers and introducing 500 mobile applications to the iPhone world. And also it could expand its sales to 155 countries across the globe having over USD 100 billion in revenue.

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