Artificial Intelligence

By | September 23, 2018

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence if not AI is one of the most important inventions of modern technology. The AI is simply defining a machine system which has the ability of brain power and intelligence that showing by the humans. Basically, it is a part of computer science which used to build intelligence machines with high-end power. And with expecting to do what mankind can. These machines are mainly developed to perform as a human. Typically an AI can learn, thinking, planning, reasoning and solving problems as same as the human brain. So already it has been a massive breakthrough for many areas in the technology industry as well as others.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

When the AI introduced by John McCarthy a computer scientist back in 1956, it could effect for so many things in different industries. And it comes to the modern days it has done a massive evolution of Artificial Intelligence technology used industries. So there are plenty of industries that using Artificial intelligence in modern days. The AI has been able to reduce the involvement of humans in those industries and also doing some special tasks that human can’t’ reach. And most importantly, when Artificial Intelligence comes to the manufacturing industry it provides high-quality products.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence used industries

  • Banking and financing
  • Manufacturing
  • Air Transport
  • Entertainment

Major categories of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI is a machine system which has the ability to recognize external environmental changes and react like a human. And also has the capability of doing the massive amount of intellectual tasks with single-handedly. As well as, this Artificial General Intelligence can lead its intelligence to resolve and complete some task that mankind typically can’t.

Narrow Artificial Intelligence /Weak AI

This system was built and programmed to focus on an only specific task. These machines are limited for some particular task and got specialize in that task. Narrow Artificial Intelligence has the ability to detect patterns and correlations than humans.

Artificial Superintelligence

Artificial Superintelligence is simply defining by where surpass the human ability through the machines. This ASI helps to build supercomputers with full power of a human. There are some supercomputers like IBM Watson which has been able to touch the human conditions and to carry out the human processes. But still, you can’t find a single machine that has the ability to overcomes the human.

Artificial Intelligence

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Different types of Artificial Intelligence Machines

Reactive Machines

Reactive Machines are the basic machine’s system of Artificial Intelligence. These machines have the ability to react based on the current movements in the surrounded area of the machine. But these kinds of machines is don’t (can’t) use its past experience and memories for current situations. It just works with thinking of what’s coming in next.Artificial Intelligence

(Deep Blue IBM a Reactive AI machine defeated a chess champion in a chess game)

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Limited Memory Machines

These machines have the ability to store some specific memories during its present’s experience. But it is just a short-time memory. So with these past experiences, Limited Memory Machines help to perform with better reactions depending on current situations.

Artificial Intelligence

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Theory of Mind Machines

The Theory of Mind Machines is based on reacting by understanding what people are thinking and as well as their emotions. These machines have the ability to represent exactly the same human behaviours, especially on human emotions.

Self-Awareness Machines

Actually, these machines are a kind of upper level of the Theory of Mind Machines and Self-Awareness Machines are based on consciousness. These machines are completely aware of what they want and their sense. And most importantly, this kind of machines has the ability to defeat human capacities.

Artificial Intelligence

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The Artificial Intelligence will become a major part of our life and day to day activities in the near feature. Automated systems and machines will lead the technology as well as in most of the industries. Also, AI and its machines systems would replace the humans in many industries within the next few years. So Artificial Intelligence will lead the world into a critical position in the next few years.

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