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Wi-fi on SMART Devices and IoT

What is the Wi-Fi Technology on Smart Devices and IoT Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is a kind of system that uses radio waves to provide the internet facility as a wireless access point. Generally, this technology can found on most of the digital electronic device including computers like desktops, laptops, tablets. And mobile devices such… Read More »

IoT Wearables

IoT Wearables / Internet of Things with Body Accessories and Wearables Body accessories and wearables are very common things in modern days. Basically, a wearable is a small electronic device which can wear on your body as accessories or implants and also part of a material that used in garments. But when the Internet of Things… Read More »

The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things The Internet of Things or IoT means embedded physical devices and (vehicles, home appliances etc…) animals with a computerized system such as software, sensors etc… In this technology, those every device got the ability to work automatically, automatically responding according to the environmental changes and exchange data with another… Read More »