IoT Wearables

By | August 16, 2018

IoT Wearables / Internet of Things with Body Accessories and Wearables

IoT Wearables

Body accessories and wearables are very common things in modern days. Basically, a wearable is a small electronic device which can wear on your body as accessories or implants and also part of a material that used in garments. But when the Internet of Things met wearables then it turns out into very different accessories than other typical electronic body wearing devices. So those all IoT Wearables have got so many abilities that never existed on any electronic devices in early days. Especially health and fitness devices can measure your body change in every single second such as heart rate, blood pressure, perspiration level and also advanced measurements such as oxygen level in the bloodstream and such.

And the specialities of modern IoT Wearables are the ability to exchange its collected data with another device such as a Smartphone or computer through the internet and will provide analyzed reports about that collected data. It used several paths to exchange data with each other such wireless networks like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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A wearable device should be familiar and feel comfortable for the consumer. And it shouldn’t be inconvenient for the user while wearing it. So, because of this, every single manufacturer is always making sure to produce a very lighter device.


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Awakening of IoT wearable Technology

In modern days IoT Wearables Technology is growing as same as Smartphones, mobile applications, broadband connectivity. The rapid development of mobile networks was the major reason for the growing of the wearable technology.

Bluetooth headsets, Fitness trackers, Smartwatches and Web-enabled glasses are major devices that were available to control its data with wirelessly through Wi-Fi networks.

IoT Wearables in Health

IoT Wearables

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In the health sector, IoT devices are often times using to detect health conditions of patients. These IoT Wearables devices have been able to monitor some specific details about the human body that couldn’t reach by doctors and other machines, especially in internal body structure. And also will present a real-time analysis of focused areas.

Basically, in most ordinary IoT wearable device have few functions together such as Heart Rate, Blood Pleasure, Calories Burned, Steps walked etc…

Other than there are many advanced devices that have the ability to analyze your every single body movements both internal and outside. So these devices can monitor the oxygen level in the bloodstream, blood alcohol concentration, read brainwaves and such

Healthcare IoT Wearables categories

  • Clinical efficiency
  • Brain sensors/ Neurotechnology
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Fitness monitoring
  • Infant monitoring
  • Biometric Sensors

IoT Wearables in Gaming and Entertainment

This technology has covered so many areas in the recent past and also will continue for another long time. So gaming and Entertainment is a massive industry which affected by IoT Wearables. There are many IoT devices that changed the industry with its specific technology and qualities. Especially Virtual Reality theme is the key fact on these kinds of devices.

IoT Wearables in garments/ Smart Clothes

This is another huge industry that using IoT technology. These IoT Wearables fabrics and garments are frequently used in many industries such as sports, health, entertainment etc…

For further details read Smart Textiles.

Future of IoT Wearables

In modern days IoT Wearables are in a critical position and have offered many favours for different areas. The experts were revealed that the wearable market value would be worth USD 25 billion by 2019 and Smartwatches will lead most part of the share which is 60% of the global market. In 2020, they are expecting wearables units will reach up to about 163 Million in the global market. So when it comes to next couple of years the IoT Wearables will be a massive game changer for so many areas and industries.

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