Virtual Reality

By | March 11, 2018

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the massive breathtaking technology inventions in the recent past. But Virtual Reality related ideas are running back to the 1800s alongside with the very beginning of the practical photography. However, the modern Virtual Reality technology was invented back in the 1980s.

The pure definition of Virtual Reality that Explained by its own qualities. The first part of the word which is “Virtual” means near and second part the “Reality” is what we are typically experiencing as a human being. So basically Virtual Reality define “near reality”. We all know and we already learned that we have five main senses as a human. But there are senses more than five as our human capacity. As an example balancing is one of the most common issues that we are experiencing and also we didn’t know it is a sense. So our day to day life experience is a great combination of our sensory department and brain mechanisms. And the human body responds to every single movement on the body by helping with our senses.

But in Virtual Reality doesn’t make exactly the same vision of what humans are experiencing. It is providing an artificially computer-generated natural environmental experience that surrounded by you. But it is some kind of real experience what we are having as a human. But in the technical overview of VR technology revealed that a person opening to a three-dimensional computer-generated environment. This is a bit of straight-forward definition for VR.

However, this amazing Virtual Reality technology is based on our human senses.

Key factors of Virtual Reality

  1. Virtual World.
  2. Immersion.
  3. Sensory Feedback.
  4. Interactivity.

How it works

When you are using VR technology, it will take you to another world with full of realistic experiences that were made artificially. It is providing a better vision with a great combination of human senses and computer generated system more than watching on a common small screen or even a giant screen.

VR technology is directly working with your brain. It will make your brain to believe you are in a somewhere 3D world looks like a natural but really doesn’t exist. The very first method of VR was used with a stereoscopic display. It is displaying two slightly different angles of the vision for each eye.

Virtual Reality

Basically, VR is based on a head-mounted display (HMD) system with headphones and hand controllers. So most of the Virtual Reality devices are HMD based headsets and goggles.

Main components in a Virtual Reality system

  • PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone
  • Head Mounted Display. (HMD)
  • Input Devices. (Joysticks, Data Gloves, Trackpads, Motion Trackers etc…)

Virtual Reality Glasses

VR glasses and goggles are the main things of the Virtual Reality process. It is the only thing that provides the VR experience for users. So whole thing of VR and the level of that we are expecting as the VR is defending on the quality of these glasses and goggles. These glasses are very light and much comfortable to wear on the head. The speciality of VR glasses is, it is showing two different vision from each lens of the glass. Glasses contain specific polarised lenses for that process. Also, another important thing is VR glasses include audio, video and head tracking system, unlike other standard head, mounted displays.

Virtual Reality

Main components in a Virtual Reality Headsets

  1. Sensors.
  2. Lenses.
  3. Display Screens.
  4. Processing.

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