Network Monitoring and the importance of it?

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is commonly used in many IT field companies on their computer network systems. Basically, this is used to perpetually monitor on network systems. So the main purpose of the Network Monitoring system is detecting network failures, slow processing and other break downs. It covers all the major network components on computer networks including routers, monitors, servers, firewalls and such. And the important thing of this is, it has the ability to send alerts and warnings to the network administrator in case of detecting any kind of failure on its system. This is an advantage to get immediate action before they spread out and damage to the whole system.

And on the other hand, if you are running a business, the Network Monitoring Systems is a very important thing you must include to it. It will help you to protect your Network before leading to any sort of problem on it by tracking your systems continuously. And you can get a full analyze how your Computer Network System works.

How Network Monitoring works

Network Monitoring

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Basic functions of a Network Monitoring System

Basically, there are many components stitch together on Computer Network Systems. Therefore a Network Monitoring system has several functions that continuously monitoring at all the time on every aspect of the Network System. So let’s have a look at what are those functions and how they perform on Network Monitoring System.

1. Discovery

The discovering is the begging of any Network Monitoring System. In Network Systems, there are plenty of devices connecting altogether. So the Network System is always discovering all the devices on its system and tracking all of its activities automatically. Because if one device got any trouble then the whole system going down.

2. Alerting and reporting

This feature is the most important thing on the Monitoring System. Because it is playing a key role to prevent and have less negative things on the system. So right after the system start to leading towards any failure or unusual things happen, the feature will immediately send a notification to the system management team. Then the team can take action to solve the problem and restore it as usual.

3. Fault isolation and troubleshooting

When it sends a notification to the system managing team the system is collecting further specific data from the fault. And also find the location where the problem is. Other than that Monitoring tools analyze the data collected from the Network System forward it to the managing team.

Network Monitoring Protocols

Network protocols simply define the rules and conventions that use to communicate between devices each other on the computer Network System. There are several types of protocols such as

  1. Communication protocols: – IP and HTTP (The Basic form of a network)
  2. Security Protocols: – HTTPS, SSL and SFTP (security of Network Communications between devices)
  3. Management Protocols: – SNMP and ICPM (Network Managing and Maintaining)

Let’s see how the Network Monitoring System manage via SNMP

The SNPM or Simple Network Managing Protocol is the well-established way to monitor most of the Network devices and Linux servers. This is consist of many devices on a Network System such as routers, servers, printers, hubs, bridges, switches and many other devices o the system. Well basically the SNMP is using by one or few administrative computers like managers, associated devices and oversee computers which networked together.

There are three major components on SNMP networks which are devices, software agents, and network management system.

And also use seven protocol units,

  • GetRequest
  • SetRequest
  • GetNextRequest
  • GetBulkRequest
  • Response
  • Trap
  • InformRequest


The Network Monitoring system is s very important thing on any Computer Network Monitoring System. Especially if you are running a business. A Monitoring System has the ability to protect your Computer System in many ways. It is playing a major role to protect your Network System and your business as well.

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