Wi-fi on SMART Devices and IoT

By | October 8, 2018

What is the Wi-Fi Technology on Smart Devices and IoT


Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity is a kind of system that uses radio waves to provide the internet facility as a wireless access point. Generally, this technology can found on most of the digital electronic device including computers like desktops, laptops, tablets. And mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches. As well as several home appliances like Smart TV, speakers, coffee machines, video games, security devices and such. In modern days, these kinds of devices are known as Smart devices. This is the basic thing that needs to be connecting to the internet as well as each other with Smart devices. When it comes to 2018 this technology has already gained massive popularity all over the world.

In other hands, the radio waves technology which is using in this technology helps to provide high-speed network and internet through a wireless method.

How does Wi-Fi is working


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Basically, This technology is working under the IEEE 802.11 standards. As mentioned above this is wireless technology. So there is not any physical connection between devices when the Wi-Fi is using. In this case, the radio wave propagation is getting combined with the electromagnetic spectrum on the frequency. And there is an Access Point every single wireless network. The basic purpose of an Access point is spreading the wireless signal to recognize and tune into computers and other types of wireless devices. Then the devices can detect those signals and engage with each other. These devices are called as Wireless LAN or WLAN.

Wi-Fi support device/ Smart Devices

When we come to 2018, Wi-Fi technology is one of the common things all over the world. So there are so many devices which have the Wi-Fi facility. These types of devices are known as Smart Devices as well as connected devices or Internet of Things (IoT) and also every connected device is divided into two major categories which are mobile and home devices.


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Mobile Devices with Wi-Fi

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Smart watches
  • Speakers
  • Laptops

Home devices with Wi-Fi

In modern days there are plenty of home devices with this technology. It means all the kind of home appliance such as,

  • Smart TV
  • Coffee machine
  • Home theatre systems
  • Electric bulbs
  • Security cameras
  • Doors
  • Gates

In addition, if a house has connected devices which using the automated and sensing systems through the Wi-Fi and internet for the home appliance then it called a Smart Home.

What is Wi-Fi Alliance


Official Trademark

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Basically, the Wi-Fi Alliance is an organization who holds the legal ownership of its Trademark terms. This was formally called as Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance. This is a non-profitable organization that certifies brand new products. In old days, this technology was used under 2.4 GHz 802.11b standards. But this organization has been spread out and allowed the basic use of this for any kind of network and WLAN products under the 802. 11 standards.

Future of the Technology

Already there are numerous devices involved by the Wi-Fi technology. So this is in everywhere such public, libraries, schools and many other places. The technology is getting develop regularly. And it will be useful to expand the technology into new industries for different purposes. Therefore, this will lead to innovate and overturn the typical electronic devices into Smart Devices with this technology.


Well, the Wi-Fi technology provides the facility to use the internet through wireless methods for Smart Devices. And the Access Point is helping to transmit the internet via an internet service provider. There are both wireless and cable Access Points (Hotspot). These WLAN devices use the Radio Wave technology for broadcast the signal. Therefore, WLAN has been able to provide high-speed internet for Smart Devices.

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