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Wireless Technology is a very common technology in modern electronic devices. This technology can simply define which is allowing to communicate between two or more electronic devices each other without connecting to a wire or cable. So because of this, lots of wireless devices has been invaded typical lifestyle of the peoples. In nowadays, these wireless Technology devices have been made a massive impact in day to day activities and lifestyle as well. Wireless Technology uses Radio Frequency and Infrared waves to transfer data within electronic devices without cables. Therefore these electronic devices can communicate over a wide range. of surrounding.


The very first use of Wireless Technology is running back to the 19th century. In the middle of the 19th century, one of the German physicist Heinrich Hertz has been discovered the electromagnetic waves. Then the communication methods start to turn into a whole new thing.


In 1880, the very first wireless telephone conversation happened with the invention of the photophone by Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter. Photophone is a telephone that used light beams to make audio conversations.

Wireless Telegraphy

This is a system that used Radio Waves to transfer telegraph signals. Also, this technology used to send signals through the water and ground without wires like electromagnetic induction.

Radio and Television

When the Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio there were lots of wireless technologies popping up. But he could introduce a system which can transmit signals to long distance.

The modern revolution of Wireless Technology

When the Wireless Technology comes to the modern-day there is various type of technologies, systems which is using the Wireless Technology.

Wireless Technology

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Here are major types of Wireless Technologies.

Local Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi or wireless fidelity is a fine method that use radio waves to provide internet facility. As a wireless access point, Wi-Fi technology has great potential to provide quality signals throughout the devices. In the modern-day, almost all the type of electronic devices come with Wi-Fi technology such as Smartphone, Laptops, Tablets, Speakers, Smartwatches and such.

Mobile Networks

This is one of the most important technological inventions which made a massive breakthrough in the communication industry. This technology provides the facility to communicate between both short and long distances. Therefore you can have a conversation over the phone with someone who lives in another continent of the world. You can send voice, data and any other kind of things through this.


Well, this was one of the major features on mobile devices in the last decade to share data within two mobile devices over a short distance. Until the recent past before the Wi-Fi internet overtakes the whole technology Bluetooth did a great job to transfer data respectively. And still doing a fine job with several electronic devices such as mobile phones, speakers, headphones, doorbells and such.

Major uses of Wireless Technology on communication

Wireless Technology in now become part of our lifestyle and involving almost all the thing of our life. There are so many things which are helping make connections with our lovely ones, friends as well as business partners and many. So here are few major uses of Wireless Technology on the communication industry.

Making Phone Calls

Well, this is the most basic usage of Wireless Technology. It will give you the ability to send a proper message very clearly as a voice or text on your own.

Connecting with Devices

This will help you to connect two or more devices. So you can connect your Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop or PC with other electronic devices which with Bluetooth feature offers. The Bluetooth technology is doing the main part of here. You can send data to another device by connecting to it, listening to songs on your smartphone via Bluetooth headphone or speaker.

Accessing the Internet

This is another important thing which helped to make connections with people all over the world thanks Wireless Technology. The Internet technology that we are using today is bringing whole the world together into a just one piece within a few seconds.


Wireless Technology is a very important part of modern technology. The most electronic devices that we are using today is connected with Wireless Network. So it is making our daily lifestyle easier to handle. And also connecting our Home devices and each other using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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